All Models After 2013


iDrive Tweaks


DVD In motion

Initial Disclaimer Delete

Play videos stored on a USB

Cell phone Screen Mirroring

Modified Torque / HP Sport Gauge Range

Startup and Notification Chime Change

Digital Tire Pressure / Temperature Readout

///M Logo on Startup

Disable Active Sound

Enable digital speedometer


Entry / Exit Tweaks


Close windows and sunroof with keyfob

Close windows and sunroof with door handle

Fold mirrors with keyfob

One touch window closing

Disable window interruption when door is opened

Unlock car doors with engine off

Disable auto start-stop

Turn off radio when door is opened


Lighting Tweaks


Fog lights with welcome lights

Disable sidemarker when headlights enabled

Enable brake force safety blink

Allow high beams simultaneously with fog light

Make angel eye headlights brighter